Friday, October 1, 2010

In Remembrance...

Bullying on IRFE as of March 5, 2007 (the firs...Image via WikipediaUntil someone else with better web skills, and an actual stand alone site does it...

Bullied To Death 
Asher Brown, 13, Texas
Billy Lucas 15, Indiana
Tyler Clementi, 18, Rutgers Univ.
Seth Walsh 13, California
Raymond Chase, 19, Johnson & Wales Univ.
Phoebe Prince, 15, Mass.
Justin Aaberg, 15, Minn.
Alexis Skye Pilkington, 17
Jon Carmichael, 13, Texas
Kimberly Linczeski, 12, Michigan
Tyler Long, 17, Georgia
Hunter Layland, 15, Texas
Iain Steele, 15, Illinois
Daniel Mendez, 16, California
Jaheem Herrera, 11, Georgia
Carl Walker Hoover, 11, Mass.
These are just the one's I've found thus far. It's heart breaking to know that bullying has caused the deaths of these students, these young lives. And for what?
Will add more (sadly) as I obtain more.
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Trapped Miners in Chile face 4 months underground until rescue

It's old news that Americans don't really know too much about what's happening around the world unless it involves us directly. We think that when disaster strikes as long as we indirectly render aid (a TV spot here, some donations there) we are doing the American 'thing' and helping other nations far less unfortunate than us.

So it was no surprise to me when I had to dig to find more information about the Chilean mine collapse that happened 17 days ago (Aug. 5). 33 Chilean miners are trapped 2,257 feet below the surface. All 33 are still alive as of today.

Sad news, it may take up to FOUR months to rescue them. Yes, those same 4 months that you are counting down to Christmas, these men may not see the light of day until then.

Can you even imagine? All 33 are confined to a space no larger than a hotel room, and we're not talking about some luxurious suite either.

Here  is the ABCNews report and Here is FOXNews. Read some of the comments other readers have left, they mostly sway to the "I'm glad it's no me persuasion". Americans and their self loathing.

What is the American government doing to help these people? Surely technology can help aide these men quicker than four months. Is any other government helping the Chileans? Are we really all that selfish?

Note to self: Make a Google Alert for this topic

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I never called you a racist....but if that's how you feeling

Black guys use it all the time. Turn on HBO and listen to a black comic, and all you hear is nigger, nigger, nigger. I don't get it. If anybody without enough melanin says it, it's a horrible thing. But when black people say it, it's affectionate. It's very confusing.

I contemplated on if I should keep the * used to replace "igger" in the above quote taken from HuffPo but in all attempts to be just lay it all out there, I thought it necessary to keep the "igger" to get the full effect.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger (I had to copy and paste that) has really made a lot of people mad with her "rant" on the usage of the word nigger. It seemed like I was the last one to even hear about her comments until a tweet about it popped up on my phone. I glanced at the tweet and kept on moving. What was the big idea, white folks say nigger everyday.

Please note that I do understand the severity of the usage of the word nigger. I do not use the word personally but I don't always condemn those that do you use it. I've just taken a personal vow to remove the word from my vocabulary. Thus removing it allows me to come up with more cleaver words to use.

I know the age old argument of "Black folks use it so what's the big idea", and that is like the fighting in the Middle East it will never end. Yes, I'm that pessimistic. I don't like the word, and am unsure how the whole "we are going to take back the word" movement got started, but clearly that "movement" is standing at a halt, or run out of gas because clearly no one owns it.

I won't provide a history lesson on the word, Wikipedia that yourself, but it would be best that you know a small amount before you join the discussion on why it's being used today, and why one group can use it and another cannot.

My question to those that are not supposed to use it but say "you use it" is this, why do you want to use the word? Do you want to use it because the other group can, and you don't want to be told what you cannot do? Rules apply to whom may call one a spouse. I cannot call another woman's husband my husband, and then make the statement "well you call him your husband".

Maybe not the best comparison but you get my drift.

My question to those that do use the word, and say to the other group "you can't say that", why do you still use the word? What exactly do you mean when you say it? It can't be a good thing, and a bad thing at the same time. You can't call a woman a bitch as in "that bitch gets on my nerves" and then say "damn that bitch is fine". Does the word really interchange like that?

So everyone had gotten all up in arms about Dr. Laura, and she did what any white person whose stepped on Black folks toes (ie. Don Imus) she's quitting her radio show. Just like that, and obligatory apology and the cancellation of her radio show.

Live on freedom of speech.

Think about it, that's like Malcolm X, living present day and him having to apologize to white folks and cancel his program because of the views he had. Black folks would be up in arms, talking about "you can't censor him" "it's his right"

It was Dr. Laura's right as well, right? I mean we don't have to agree with someone but we can't be iffy and only let rules apply when it benefits us. I welcome the right for anyone to at anytime say what they want to say. If I disagree or if I don't want to hear it I turn the dial, change the channel or leave the venue.

Covert racism, insensitivity or intolerance doesn't make it any less so racist, insensitive or intolerant. Dr. Laura still has her same views. A revolution is not complete unless you change the minds of those you revolt against. Erykah Badu said it best in her song "Soldier"
To my folks on the picket line, don't stop till you change their minds
So she's off the air come December, what has changed? What awareness has been raised? Other than the fact that open discourse cannot be managed within the Black community? We always crying foul to other people that don't fit our norm of what's okay to say.

When are Black folks going to start getting upset with rappers and politicians the way they do with radio host?

When are we going to finally see the destruction that these "endorsers" have on our children? When are we going to demand better education for our students? When are we going to request that rappers stop referring to our women as bitches and hoes? When are we going to start teaching our children that money isn't' everything?

When are we going to demand that our children have fathers in the home, embrace Black love and aspire to be more than we were before?

When are we going to write congress and have our voices heard? When are we going to protest injustice for all groups? When are we going to demand an equality in our schools? Better meals to combat obesity?

Damn, more unity between us period? But we worried and got our feelings hurt by a white person saying NIGGER.


As a supporter of Black women wearing their hair natural, it saddens me to know that the journey to having Black women turn back to their natural roots is a long, unconvincing road.

I have worn my hair natural since February 2006 when it just clicked for me that I should no longer subscribe to the superficial notion of dictated beauty in America. I was truly inspired by India.Arie's single "I Am Not My Hair". It became my anthem and I was free.

Free from believing that my beauty lay within my hair. Free to think outside the box and decide for myself what beauty is or isn't, to me. Free to say I'm proud of my natural roots and I'm no longer apart of "groupthink". February 2006 with the beginning of growth for me. I was to graduate from University in December, and looked forward to starting a career in 2007.

It was the turning point that I needed, it allowed me to see the bigger picture and become more involved in other endeavors that hold the Black community behind.

I am now almost five years later used to the stares I get, especially from young children. As a teacher I had to grow thick skin for the outrageous questions children ask. "Yes, I'm a girl, you do see these earrings and skirt I'm wearing" "No, I am not bald" "You do not have to like my hair, we are all different and women can have short hair and men can have long hair". If they stare, I wave. If they ask, I answer.

Adults on the other hand, baffle me. Seems as though they'd be more apt to accept my hair (not that I care) if it were pink or blue or sporting glitter on my extensions. I guess because they expect Black women to have "silly" hair. Yes I am calling red,white and blue hair "silly". It's as if they cannot believe that I have stepped out the box and am being defiant and not subscribing to what is normally "Black".

Surprisingly though, I get most of my compliments from White men, who express that they just "love my hair". I have no explanation for that one. Black men as well, but those vary. I guess some people think I'm some militant feminist lesbian, seeking to push her world views on the masses.

Negative. I'm not any of those mentioned above, not that there is anything wrong with them. I'm just me. Comfortable in my own skin. Someone rocking shorter hair than most, but portraying more inner beauty than the rest. I am me. And I am NOT my hair.

Sad video below, exactly why we shouldn't "relax" our hair. Our hair wasn't meant to be "straight" and "relaxed". Rock your natural hair, feel free...breathe again.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Will All True American's Please Stand Up!

I applaud this sheriff in Arizona for his plight to arrest protesters of the Immigration law in Arizona. We need more people like him to stand back and take back America!
The sheriff of the most populous county in Arizona says he's "not going to put up with any civil disobedience" when the state's new immigration law takes effect.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says that if protesters want to block his jail, he'll put them in it.

The Arizona law, which takes effect Thursday, requires officers enforcing other laws to check a person's immigration status if they suspect the person is in the country illegally.

Arpaio told ABC's "Good Morning America" he doesn't know "what the big hype is."

This is the same sheriff that has inmates wear pink jumpsuits and sleep outside in tents.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Priest Drowns Baby During Baptism

Not that I agree with infant baptism, but this is very unfortunate and just sad on all accounts. And the fact that the Priest is in denial and seems to have this "oh well" attitude is just upsetting.

Child dies during baptism and Priest denies any wrong doing.

Some comments on Digg (where I originally found the link) suggest that
this wouldn't have happened if people would finally step away from these pointless, ancient rituals.
Does baptism serve any purpose? Or is this the equivalent of grilling the face of Jesus on your toasts?

What are your thoughts?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Family Reunion

I'll be in good ole' Bremond, Texas this weekend celebrating with family for our like 45 annual family reunion.

See ya on Monday.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The NAACP does NOT represent me...

The NAACP along with Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and all those other Negroes who feel they are "leading" Black America are not a representation of who I am as an American. I despise the very ground Jesse and Al walk on, and the NAACP can only speak for itself and their members.

No self respecting Black American would be associated with any of the aforementioned. I truly wouldn't have ties to them. Nothing they attach themselves to ends up with any good outlook.

Why are some people blinded by the likes of those folks? Like a tootsie roll pop, the world "may never know."

Everyone that doesn't agree with you is a racist so says the NAACP.

The NAACP adopted a resolution Tuesday condemning "racist elements" in the Tea Party movement and calling on the movement's leaders to repudiate bigotry, despite claims from Tea Partiers that the measure is just a political ploy.

Let me say this and just wrap this whole thing up quick and simple, if the Tea Parties are racist, so is the NAACP. The teapot shall not call the kettle black. [No pun intended]

I'm so sick of BOTH sides calling the other racist, that I'm not even sure people even know the true definition of the word anymore. When all else fails, just call the other side a racist, and that will get them off their marker. They'll be so busy trying to explain and defend why the aren't a racist that their cause will go suffering and they will lack even less substance than they had previously.

Black folks like to call white folks racist, and white folks like to deny being racist. When truly racist and those that deny to be racist come in ALL colors.That back and forth exchange between whose racist and whose not is like Tom and Jerry playing over and over again. Dumb after awhile.

Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration = WRONG

Legal Immigration = RIGHT

I could write a LONG post over the recent immigration debate but I'm just going to throw out a few of my opinions on the situation and probably just leave it alone.

I SUPPORT Arizona. Illegal immigration is wrong. We have rules in America and we have every right to enforce them. We don't owe anyone.

I believe that people have the right to live anywhere they want, but when you back up your stuff and move you need to be prepared to fall in line and follow the laws of that nation. I don't expect anyone to assimilate but we must all conform to a certain extent. I makes no sense to fly a flag from a different country and protest America when you are on our soil.

Citizens are the only ones that can make the laws and protest the laws. As a non-citizen you cannot expect amnesty and you also cannot protest in our streets because you don't agree with American laws.

Everyone wants the benefits of being an American yet they don't want to sever ties with the so called country they are fleeing. Why are you not protesting your own government? Why so much moxie against our country? Where are your balls when it comes to your president and laws?

It baffles me. When in Rome you do as the Romans. But no one has respect for our laws. And call themselves upset with our laws. Why come? Why should we mold and change ourselves for your liking?

And you can hold in your head that I'm talking about a specific people but I'm talking to any individual or any group that feels America needs to change for their own liking.

Everyone is welcome, but you must go about the process that we have set in place. And don't do us any favors, America would still make it with or without you. It's like death, the worlds keeps on moving, and so shall we.

Mayor and teenage daughter found dead in home

Taken from

The mayor of Coppell, Texas, and her daughter were found dead in their home with gunshot wounds to the head, officials in the suburban Dallas city said Tuesday.
Authorities did not disclose a motive for the deaths. But Mayor Jayne Peters' home showed no signs of forced entry, the city said in a statement.
Peters and her 19-year-old daughter, Corinne, were found dead Tuesday evening by officers who had been sent to conduct a welfare check on the family.
The officers had gone to the home at the request of the city manager's office after the mayor did not show up for a scheduled council meeting.
"Because we do not have all the facts and the investigation is not complete, we cannot release any additional information," said Deputy Police Chief Steve Thomas.
Peters was elected mayor in May 2009 and had served as a member of the city council since 1998.
Coppell, 16 miles northwest of Dallas, has a population of 39,000.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Justice is served....COLD!

An 82 year old man from Colorado could face possible jail time for shooting at and wounding one of the two men, that tried to steal a trailer from his property.

82-year-old Robert Wallace said in February that he looked out his window and saw two men hooking his flatbed trailer up to their pickup. He yelled at them to stop, but they sped away, stealing his trailer. He told police he fired two shots at the pickup.

Given that the only reason people need to call the police is because the police have guns, was Mr. Wallace at fault for cutting out the "middle man" per se? Does he not have the right to defend his property, at all costs? Did the thieves not bring this upon themselves?

Admitted thieves are going free, while an elderly Wheat Ridge man is facing the possibility of spending the rest of his life behind bars, all, he says, for trying to defend his property and his life.

So the thieves are to be let lose and the property owner, Mr. Wallace, lest we forget is eighty-two years old may spend the rest of his life in prison for defending himself? Punish the property owner? Let the thieves go free? What backwards book are we reading out of? Since when did we become so stupid and make sure that good people went to jail and bad ones still walked the streets? What consequences do the thieves face?

Oh wait! I remember, they are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and they NEVER face consequences. Their rights are much more important than the rights of home grown American citizens. *slaps head* how could I forget?!?

Here is some background on the two ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS/THIEVES

Sources say Torres and Cardona are believed to be in the country illegally and both have an arrest record. Cardona's record includes public fighting and numerous traffic offenses like driving without a license or insurance. Torres's record includes agricultural trespassing as well as a 2005 arrest for aggravated motor vehicle theft for which he was given a plea bargain to a lesser crime. Sources say Torres is also under investigation for being part of a major auto theft ring.

And even though, given the above record of both men and the situation at hand

The Jefferson County DA's office said that neither Torres nor Cardona have been charged with anything at this point, even though Torres confessed to the crime. However, the homeowner, Wallace is facing twelve felony counts, including four counts of attempted first degree murder. If convicted, he could spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Liberal America loves things like this. This is what the left call's JUSTICE. Justice for ALL but Americans. Two men are here illegally (FIRST OFFENSE), they build up an arrest record (SECOND through FIFTH OFFENSE) now here they are again set free...all for illegal activity.

VIVA MEXICO! FU** america...

Two theft suspects, who for months remained free of charges even as an elderly man who said he tried to stop them from stealing his trailer faced an attempted-murder charge for shooting at them, were arrested Friday.

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