Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Trapped Miners in Chile face 4 months underground until rescue

It's old news that Americans don't really know too much about what's happening around the world unless it involves us directly. We think that when disaster strikes as long as we indirectly render aid (a TV spot here, some donations there) we are doing the American 'thing' and helping other nations far less unfortunate than us.

So it was no surprise to me when I had to dig to find more information about the Chilean mine collapse that happened 17 days ago (Aug. 5). 33 Chilean miners are trapped 2,257 feet below the surface. All 33 are still alive as of today.

Sad news, it may take up to FOUR months to rescue them. Yes, those same 4 months that you are counting down to Christmas, these men may not see the light of day until then.

Can you even imagine? All 33 are confined to a space no larger than a hotel room, and we're not talking about some luxurious suite either.

Here  is the ABCNews report and Here is FOXNews. Read some of the comments other readers have left, they mostly sway to the "I'm glad it's no me persuasion". Americans and their self loathing.

What is the American government doing to help these people? Surely technology can help aide these men quicker than four months. Is any other government helping the Chileans? Are we really all that selfish?

Note to self: Make a Google Alert for this topic

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