Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration = WRONG

Legal Immigration = RIGHT

I could write a LONG post over the recent immigration debate but I'm just going to throw out a few of my opinions on the situation and probably just leave it alone.

I SUPPORT Arizona. Illegal immigration is wrong. We have rules in America and we have every right to enforce them. We don't owe anyone.

I believe that people have the right to live anywhere they want, but when you back up your stuff and move you need to be prepared to fall in line and follow the laws of that nation. I don't expect anyone to assimilate but we must all conform to a certain extent. I makes no sense to fly a flag from a different country and protest America when you are on our soil.

Citizens are the only ones that can make the laws and protest the laws. As a non-citizen you cannot expect amnesty and you also cannot protest in our streets because you don't agree with American laws.

Everyone wants the benefits of being an American yet they don't want to sever ties with the so called country they are fleeing. Why are you not protesting your own government? Why so much moxie against our country? Where are your balls when it comes to your president and laws?

It baffles me. When in Rome you do as the Romans. But no one has respect for our laws. And call themselves upset with our laws. Why come? Why should we mold and change ourselves for your liking?

And you can hold in your head that I'm talking about a specific people but I'm talking to any individual or any group that feels America needs to change for their own liking.

Everyone is welcome, but you must go about the process that we have set in place. And don't do us any favors, America would still make it with or without you. It's like death, the worlds keeps on moving, and so shall we.

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