Sunday, July 11, 2010

Justice is served....COLD!

An 82 year old man from Colorado could face possible jail time for shooting at and wounding one of the two men, that tried to steal a trailer from his property.

82-year-old Robert Wallace said in February that he looked out his window and saw two men hooking his flatbed trailer up to their pickup. He yelled at them to stop, but they sped away, stealing his trailer. He told police he fired two shots at the pickup.

Given that the only reason people need to call the police is because the police have guns, was Mr. Wallace at fault for cutting out the "middle man" per se? Does he not have the right to defend his property, at all costs? Did the thieves not bring this upon themselves?

Admitted thieves are going free, while an elderly Wheat Ridge man is facing the possibility of spending the rest of his life behind bars, all, he says, for trying to defend his property and his life.

So the thieves are to be let lose and the property owner, Mr. Wallace, lest we forget is eighty-two years old may spend the rest of his life in prison for defending himself? Punish the property owner? Let the thieves go free? What backwards book are we reading out of? Since when did we become so stupid and make sure that good people went to jail and bad ones still walked the streets? What consequences do the thieves face?

Oh wait! I remember, they are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and they NEVER face consequences. Their rights are much more important than the rights of home grown American citizens. *slaps head* how could I forget?!?

Here is some background on the two ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS/THIEVES

Sources say Torres and Cardona are believed to be in the country illegally and both have an arrest record. Cardona's record includes public fighting and numerous traffic offenses like driving without a license or insurance. Torres's record includes agricultural trespassing as well as a 2005 arrest for aggravated motor vehicle theft for which he was given a plea bargain to a lesser crime. Sources say Torres is also under investigation for being part of a major auto theft ring.

And even though, given the above record of both men and the situation at hand

The Jefferson County DA's office said that neither Torres nor Cardona have been charged with anything at this point, even though Torres confessed to the crime. However, the homeowner, Wallace is facing twelve felony counts, including four counts of attempted first degree murder. If convicted, he could spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Liberal America loves things like this. This is what the left call's JUSTICE. Justice for ALL but Americans. Two men are here illegally (FIRST OFFENSE), they build up an arrest record (SECOND through FIFTH OFFENSE) now here they are again set free...all for illegal activity.

VIVA MEXICO! FU** america...

Two theft suspects, who for months remained free of charges even as an elderly man who said he tried to stop them from stealing his trailer faced an attempted-murder charge for shooting at them, were arrested Friday.

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